Mini Bike Army - Vancouver


The Alley Kitten challenge!

Hey there minibikelovers!

Looking for another way to get your mini on? Planning is now underway for Friday, September 22nd's unveiling of the first ever Alley Kitten challenge!

That's right, an Alley Cat on mini bikes. You better freakin' believe it!

Want details? All you need to race for the taste...

See you there!


We are not terrorists... we're an army!

The Army represented at Critical Mass this past Friday August 25. Our action raised a lot of eyebrows and created a lot of smiles. Good times for the MBA. 5 comrades on properly sized bikes rolling with CMers on their absurdly large bikes. Even the kids in the ride had bikes bigger than ours. 2+ hours of riding and we managed to keep up and often stay ahead of everyone.

There was also a mini bike bomb down from Mount Seymour on Sunday... 12km of nearly straight downhill. What was the fastest speed? Apparently well over local speed limits.

"A revolution is not a dinner party" - Mao

10th floor parkade bomb!

The Mini Bike Army reaches the 10th floor of the parkade... and bombs it!