Mini Bike Army - Vancouver


We are not terrorists... we're an army!

The Army represented at Critical Mass this past Friday August 25. Our action raised a lot of eyebrows and created a lot of smiles. Good times for the MBA. 5 comrades on properly sized bikes rolling with CMers on their absurdly large bikes. Even the kids in the ride had bikes bigger than ours. 2+ hours of riding and we managed to keep up and often stay ahead of everyone.

There was also a mini bike bomb down from Mount Seymour on Sunday... 12km of nearly straight downhill. What was the fastest speed? Apparently well over local speed limits.

"A revolution is not a dinner party" - Mao


  • At 29/8/06 01:43 , Blogger midnightmass said...

    Word on the street was that speeds up over 70 kph were reached.

    holy crumbling coaster brakes batman!


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