Mini Bike Army - Vancouver


Mini Bike Monday

This Monday, April 9 2007 is a holiday... the perfect time for Mini Bike Monday! Meet at noon at the Science World gazebo and go on a mini-bike ride of the seawall and downtown. We will distract shoppers, confuse tourists, annoy drivers... generally act like fools. Ride leaves at 12:30.

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  • At 11/4/07 23:47 , Blogger Seattle Rollo said...

    I'm callin' out the whole damn mini bike army! Are you tough enough for bruised by bike?!

    On 7-7-07 Seattle is going to be the place to be for mini bike madness! There's going to be one hell of a Rollo (mini bike polo) championship and tons of other mini bike events!

    Check out the flyer here then post it up and advertize!

    Or go to: http:\\ for updates as they come.

  • At 16/5/07 17:09 , Anonymous Nix said...

    Hey, didn't we get some pics of fellow Comrades from this ride? Please post!


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