Mini Bike Army - Vancouver


Labour Day Back to School Special and B:C:Clettes Welcome Home Ride

Monday September 3, 2007 it's the Back to School Special and the Welcome Home B:C:Clettes Mini Bike Army Ride. It may be a long title but that's half the fun.

Mini Bike Army invites you to ride mini bikes (or whatever bike you have) on a holiday Monday afternoon ride. Meet at noon at the Science World Gazebo, ride at 12:30 to downtown, to the beaches, down Robson for some exposure, probably for food since mini bike riding takes a bit of energy... and perhaps some other special treat? Yes, it's probably the last opportunity for a mini bike Monday with nice weather. Don't hesitate, just ride.

Welcome home the B:C:Clettes from their westcoast tour with some bike love. Depending on how tired/busy the B:C:Clettes are, could they surprise us with a special performance? Doubtful, but if we entice them with beer, perhaps? We'll see who shows up I suppose.

Also, note on September 7th it's the Chris Mass. More details at for that ride.

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