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B:C:Clettes vs. Sexy Back - Promo for Bicycle Helmet Use

Vancouver's all-girl bicycle dance troupe the B:C:Clettes promote helmet use with their new music video featuring JT's "Sexy Back." As it says on a sticker in the video, "I wear a helmet so you can drive like an idiot." And because it looks smart.

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mini bike mayhem @ strathcona park saturday may 10

lots 'o fun planned:
blindfold race
the little 1.0- a one lap mini bike race around the strathcona oval
team races
relay races
and other goodies

jacana will also be organizing some kickball action.

there's also polo and a party that night. for all the event details.


back to school ride report

well, today's ride was lots o' fun. just over 20 people (only a handful on minis but lots of clettes) came out for a ride which started with a few songs from the Creaking Planks (thanks guys), and then went along the seawall to english bay for food and then to stanley park where we played kickball (good times). a tie game (13-13) made us all feel like winners when we rode out back along the seawall to Victory Square for a block party where we watched the Choir Practice. then off to Maitland/Lee's for some food and beers (more beers). the rain held off for the first few hours and didn't really start coming down until Victory Square so we got really lucky today.

hopefully everyone that came out today will also come out to the Chris Mass this friday... details at


Labour Day Back to School Special and B:C:Clettes Welcome Home Ride

Monday September 3, 2007 it's the Back to School Special and the Welcome Home B:C:Clettes Mini Bike Army Ride. It may be a long title but that's half the fun.

Mini Bike Army invites you to ride mini bikes (or whatever bike you have) on a holiday Monday afternoon ride. Meet at noon at the Science World Gazebo, ride at 12:30 to downtown, to the beaches, down Robson for some exposure, probably for food since mini bike riding takes a bit of energy... and perhaps some other special treat? Yes, it's probably the last opportunity for a mini bike Monday with nice weather. Don't hesitate, just ride.

Welcome home the B:C:Clettes from their westcoast tour with some bike love. Depending on how tired/busy the B:C:Clettes are, could they surprise us with a special performance? Doubtful, but if we entice them with beer, perhaps? We'll see who shows up I suppose.

Also, note on September 7th it's the Chris Mass. More details at for that ride.

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BiKarnival (Performance Ride)


Mini Bike Monday

This Monday, April 9 2007 is a holiday... the perfect time for Mini Bike Monday! Meet at noon at the Science World gazebo and go on a mini-bike ride of the seawall and downtown. We will distract shoppers, confuse tourists, annoy drivers... generally act like fools. Ride leaves at 12:30.

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Mini Bike Army at Critical Mass

mini bike troops gather at critical mass on friday march 30 in vancouver. ride together. bring noise makers. be prepared for foolishness. we're not traffic, we're spectacle.

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